Friday, May 29, 2009

"Who I Am" Scrapbook and Share Contest Entry

I am grateful for this opportunity to scrapbook something about me! As I'm sure most scrapbookers, moms, grandmothers,aunts and the like spend the majority of their time scrapbooking pages of other important people in their lives and little time making layouts of or for themselves. It was fun to take a minute and create something that represents "Who I Am!" Which is the title of my layout. This layout has 5 pictures that depict different things that are important in my life. #1: First and foremost I am the mother to 4 beautiful children, all of whom I love and adore! They bring tremendous joy into my life! #2: I am the wife and soulmate to the most amazing man! I am blessed to have a husband who truely makes every decision based on how it will affect his family. He only wants us to be happy and have the things we need and want! #3: I am a faithful Latter Day Saint. I'm definatley not perfect (or even close) but I try to grow and improve everyday and strenghthen my testimony and overcome my weaknesses. #'s 4 and 5 were close... But since it is summertime my horses has taken the priority to scrapbooking. With 4H, rodeos, queening and cattle drives I'm in the saddle quite a bit! (thats one of the reasons it took me so long to get this entry in) I love everything that has to do with horses... all of it! #5 Scrapbooking has been a part of my life for a while now. It's fun to look at past albums and see just how far I've come. Close to my Heart has been in my life now for several years as well and I love all of their products and sharing them with others! One last thing about this page: Becasue things ARE so busy this time of year I was able to create this cute but simple page "Faster, Simpler, Easier" with the innovative products from Close to my Heart!

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